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Tasting Menu

Tasting Room Menu

To Drink

Cider Tastings

Short Flight – 3 samples of cider                         $9

Medium Flight – 5 samples of cider                  $11

Long Flight – 9 samples of cider                        $18

must be shared by two or more people

Solo Sample                                                             $3

In accordance with BC liquor laws, we may only
provide up to 150 ml of cider per person

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Coffee                                                                    $2.50

Tea                                                                         $2.50

San Pellegrino                                                     $2.50

         Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, or Blood Orange

Apple Juice                                                           $2.50


To Eat


Artisan Lunch Plate*                                           $17

Local cheeses, Red Barn Market sausage, smoked salmon dip, Dijon mustard, bread, crackers, pickles and olives

Perfect for sharing!

Three Dip Snack*                                                 $12

Hummus, smoked salmon dip and artichoke dip, served with bread, crackers and olives


Extras                                                               $3 each



Dip – hummus, artichoke or smoked salmon

Bread or crackers

* Can be prepared vegetarian or gluten free

Please note: Menu offerings & prices subject to change without notice.