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On the Farm: Getting Ready for Harvest

Exciting things are happening on the farm!

Amidst the craziness that summer brings with it, the farm is getting ready for even more exciting things to start happening in the coming weeks!

In the orchard, the apples are starting to ripen and change colour along with the long sunny days – this means they are getting close to start harvesting! With more than 50 varieties of apples in our orchard, and each variety having its own maturing time, we will be watching them very closely over the next few weeks. Knowing when to start picking the apples is key, they need to be firm and have good colour. Unlike culinary apples, cider apples are best to let sit for a couple of weeks or letting them ‘sweat’. This helps the cell walls begin to break down and relax, making the juice easier to press.

As for the rest of the farm, the chickens are now all settled into their coop, they’re fully-grown, and they should start laying eggs very soon!

Curious to see the farm in action? Take a trip out to our ciderhouse, and we will be happy to show you around! We offer free tours year-round, 11am-4pm. Visit us…