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On The Farm: We’re Ready to Harvest

Its September, and we are in the full-swing of harvest season!

This summer has brought us some long and glorious sunshine hours, and as a result, our orchard is full of beautiful, ripe cider apples! Almost all of the varietals we grow on our organic orchard are bittersweet and bittersharps with a French or English lineage.

For centuries, British and European cidermakers have used cider-specific varietals to impart complexity in cider that ordinary eating apples cannot achieve. Cider made from bittersweet and bittersharp varietals in places like Herefordshire and Somerset, deliver earthy phenolic aromas and appealing astringency that, to this day, distinguishes this style of cider as “the cider for cidermakers”.  Most of the varietals we grow at Sea Cider are of this lineage, and include Dabinetts, Kingston Blacks, Chisel Jerseys and Yarlington Mills.

Be sure to stop by and see the orchard in all its organic glory! Visit us…