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On the Farm: It’s Apple Season

It’s October, and it’s Apple Season!

This year, we have been blessed with a bountiful apple crop! That means it’s now all-hands-on-deck to finish picking and juicing all of the apples grown on the Sea Cider orchard, plus, the 32,000lbs of apples (and counting) that have been brought in by our community. Every single one of these apples are milled, and pressed right here on our farm. Our small production team is working hard, picking and separating all of the apples before putting them through the mill to grind them into a pomace. Once ready, the pomace is layered into the apple press, the juice is squeezed out and it is ready to be turned into delicious cider!

Do you still have more apples than you know what to do with? We want them! We are still accepting apple deliveries at the Ciderhouse: Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm or Saturday – Sunday, 11am-3pm and drop them off! We will either pay you $0.45 /lb or the equivalent in cider. Learn more…