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We Want Your Apples!

Calling local apple growers- we want your apples!

With all of the glorious sunshine that we have had this summer, the apples in our orchard are already beginning to ripen and we are ready to harvest!

As many of you know, one of our most prized ciders is made from crowd-sourced fruit. That’s right – the delightfully juicy Kings & Spies is produced with local apples that are kindly donated to us from backyards and un-kept orchards all over Victoria.

As early as 1855 many apple trees were beginning to be planted around Fort Victoria and the rest of Vancouver Island. By 1865 there were a growing number of orchards that ranged from five to 25 acres on the Island. While much has changed since then, many of these old trees can still be found on properties that were once part of an old orchard or farm, and are now found in backyards, parks, and on sprawling acreages all over Victoria.

When we first called to the community for the drop-off of wild apples, most of the varietals were King of Tompkins and Northern Spies. Coincidentally, these are still the focal apples used to make Kings & Spies today!

Do you have apple trees in your backyard? More apples than you could ever possibly eat? We will happily trade your ripe, sound, unblemished, unsprayed apples for cider (or $0.45/lb).

We are beginning to accept apple deliveries on Monday, August 27th, and we will be accepting them: 

Monday – Friday 9am-4pm
Saturday – Sunday 11am-3pm

No appointment needed. Please contact us at info@seacider.ca or 250-544-4824 if you have any questions!