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People of Sea Cider

Kristen Jordan, Owner

I come from a family of farmers and ranchers and I grew up in Alberta, where I spent much of my free time on the ranch where my mother grew up. I also spent much of my time in my father's orchard on Shuswap Lake. My father died when I was a teenager and suddenly that orchard became mine. I went off to boarding school in the UK, drank my first cider, but never dreamed that one day I would become a cider maker. Instead, I focused on my studies, spent time travelling and began a career in international development. I worked mainly on food aid projects and spent 3 years in Ethiopia working with farmers. But never thought that one day I would become a farmer!

When my children were born, I realized that I didn’t want to travel as much. I wanted to put down roots and create a legacy for my family. I had kept the Shuswap Lake orchard, but the forest had overtaken it and the bears were eating all the apples. I was living in Victoria and didn’t want to move as my mother had moved here too. She bought a farm and then I bought a farm nearby. And then I started planting apple trees.
I went back to school, but this time it was cider school! In between courses I made cider, prepared the land, planted cider apple trees, and built a Ciderhouse. Finally, in 2007, after five years of preparation, I sold cider to my first customer.

Nowadays I spend much of my time working on future plans for Sea Cider. We have grown a lot, learned a lot, made more than a few mistakes, but we’re always striving to make the best quality craft cider and we’re always in pursuit of a dream that started with an orchard.

I’d like to invite you to come raise a glass!