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Welcome! We are a family-owned orchard and ciderhouse. We grow organic cider apples and strive to produce award-winning cider. We are a small farm with a big heart and want to deliver an exceptional experience. We invite you to raise a glass of Sea Cider, and see why other apples envy ours!

The ciderhouse is open Wednesday – Sunday, from 11am to 4pm.

What’s new in the ciderhouse? It’s November and we’re ‘racking’ our cider! Visit us this month and tell us what ‘racking’ means and we’ll toss in a free ’short-flight’ with any purchase. (Need a hint?)

What’s new in the orchard? The apples are all harvested and we’re pressing and fermenting cider. Stop by for a tasting and we will show you how it’s all done!

We’re booking our Holiday Cidermaker Dinner Parties! Get in touch to book your holiday season events!

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